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Weighing Miniature Dachshunds

Currently, almost all dog shows, where the judge and society have mutually agreed, weigh Miniature Dachshunds. Those over 11 lbs/ 5 kg are above the desired maximum weight stated in the Breed Standard and it would be considered a fault the extremity of which would vary depending on how much over the 11lbs an individual dog was. This is an artificially introduced weight to categorise a miniature Dachshund for a standard AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING OVER WEIGHT. If you have any doubts as to the correct healthy weight of your Dachshund you should check with your vet as each individual dog is very different and certainly NOT go on the artificially introduced 11lbs limit for showing. It is entirely feasible to have a very healthy and fit miniature dachshund weighing in at 12lbs!


Until 2007 the Breed Standard said: "Miniature ideal weight; 4.5kgs (10lbs).  It is of the utmost importance that judges should not award prizes to animals over 5.0kgs (11lbs)". A Kennel Club Press Release in 2007 proposed ending the mandatory weighing of Miniature Dachshunds completely. This was opposed by all the Breed Clubs and eventually the Breed Standard was revised to say:  Miniatures: Ideal weight 4.5 kg (10 lbs). Desired maximum weight 5 kg (11 lbs.) Exhibits which appear thin and undernourished should be severely penalised. A further change came in Feb 2009 by the Kennel club writing the letter below  stating it DOES NOT APPROVE of weighing BECAUSE of potential welfare reasons.


  • Kennel Club letter 2nd Feb 2009

The General Committee of the Kennel Club has considered the stance taken by the Dachshund Breed Council with regard to the weighing of Miniature Dachshunds at shows i.e. that ‘judges who refuse to weigh Miniature Dachshunds may have their names removed from the Breed Council (and UK Clubs’) Judging Lists and will not be offered appointments at any Breed Club shows.’

Having considered this matter, the Committee is of the opinion that those judges who refuse to weigh Miniature Dachshunds are being penalised by the Breed Council for so doing. The impact on new judges is thought to be particularly important in that, by placing a barrier to those who refuse to weigh being offered appointments to judge at breed club open shows, progression is effectively being blocked. It was the Committee’s view that any judges choosing not to weigh, as is their privilege under the new Regulations, should be supported by the Kennel Club. 

Being mindful that the Kennel Club has, for potential welfare reasons, taken a line against weighing and has discontinued the practice at its own show Crufts, and in view of its focus on health and welfare issues, the Committee did not agree with the expressed attitude of the Dachshund Breed Council. It suggested that if the Breed Council persisted in taking such a stance certain consequences would follow:

  1. it would no longer consider any necessity for a prospective judge of Miniature Dachshunds to have undertaken an appointment at a breed club open show and

  2. it would not seek Breed Council opinion for any future nominations to judge the breed at Kennel Club Challenge Certificate level.

Though it has been agreed by the General Committee that no outright ban on weighing should be imposed meantime, its decision to allow the weighing of Miniature Dachshunds to continue at the discretion of the judge and the show concerned, will continue to be kept under strict review by the Kennel Club.

In the meantime it should be noted that, in line with previous Kennel Club announcements, both the judge and the show society concerned must be in agreement on whether or not weighing takes place and each is therefore responsible for arriving at this decision.  The Kennel Club has made its position clear on this subject, in deciding that at its own show Crufts judges will not weigh Miniature Dachshunds,.

It has also been suggested that to avoid any potential allegations regarding the health and welfare of Miniature Dachshunds, water bowls should be placed in the Miniature Dachshund rings at shows.  It is hoped that the Dachshund Breed Council and show societies will give their wholehearted support to this suggestion.


  • Status of the Dachshund Breed Council / Dachshund Breed Clubs as of 2nd Feb 2009

The Dachshund Breed Council stated in their 2008/9 document - Version 3: Oct. 2008 Due for Review: Oct. 2009 - on miniature Dachshunds

"judges who refuse to weigh Miniature Dachshunds may have their names removed from the Breed Council (and UK Clubs’) Judging Lists and will not be offered appointments at any Breed Club shows"

Click here to read the original Breed Council document


  • Dachshund Breed Council response to the letter from the Kennel Club (mid 2009)

The Breed Council wrote to the Kennel Club confirming that it was not the policy of the Breed Council to remove judges from lists if they refused to weigh and issued a new document on weighing miniature dachshunds Sept 2009.

Click here to read the Breed Councils NEW weighing miniature dachshunds document

This appears to be essentially the same document as earlier BUT with the removal of the "judges who refuse to weigh Miniature Dachshunds may have their names removed from the Breed Council (and UK Clubs’) Judging Lists and will not be offered appointments at any Breed Club shows" statement.


  • Dachshund Breed Council Meeting extract from minutes October 2009

Weighing of Miniature Dachshunds There are concerns that some judges are still out of touch with the breed standard and regulations regarding weighing of miniatures. There have been instances of judges dismissing dogs from the ring. Min. Club asked that an information sheet be included in each Judge’s pack for Miniature judging appointments.

Action: All Clubs to provide the updated information sheet in Judges Packs.

Current status

Regrettably just over a year on from the KC letter above nothing major has  REALLY changed. Many are split on this, chiefly on the point of when is a Miniature Dachshund not a Miniature Dachshund? The main concern is that if the weight limit was increased miniatures would become bigger and thus in the eyes of some no longer miniatures. Then if the limit was raised again we'll eventually get to the same point again, increase the weight limit again and they will get even bigger as has apparently happened in Australia. There are arguments that people should breed smaller dogs instead BUT as the majority of miniature Dachshunds are bred by people outside of the close knit breed clubs (do it your self at home and puppy farmers types) there is hardly any thought at all to the final size these dogs will attain only how many pups there will be. With various Dachshund health issues likely to force breeders to look back in the pet arena for other lines so to speak this probably isn't realistic any more as generally the size of a miniature is already increasing and will continue to do so regardless.

Current Judging status

Judges can freely choose to weight or not to weigh miniature dachshunds as they feel fit with no fear of any action being taken against them implied or otherwise. If any judge feels this is not now the case I would be delighted to take the matter up with the Breed Council on their behalf as I am assured by Ian Seath Chairman of the Breed Council that it is so.

Negative side of this is:

Giving laxatives, Starving and Depriving dogs of water and food in order to get them within weight is quite frankly wrong and given the mess many young girls are in I would have hoped people would know better by now. Dogs suffering severe hypocalcaemia due to low sugar levels because of lack of food is quite frankly terrible. Any rule that encourages this practice no matter how remotely seems fundamentally flawed. People are different builds and weights as are dogs, attempting to shoe horn them into a one size fits all in order to create an artificially defined miniature variant of breed certainly needs some considerable work yet.

 Our Stance

We would much prefer to see all shows lift this measure immediately not just the KC and Crufts as all we have ever seen as a result of this weight limit has never been positive for dogs or their owners. Perhaps a once in a lifetime weighing would be better as it would effectively minimise stupid people doing bad things to dogs just for a place card. Or perhaps Keep the weight limit exactly as it is but remove weighing from shows and leave it to the discretion of the Judge to decide if the dog is over that limit. The difference visually between an 11lb and a 11.5lb dog is not that much, however between 11lbs and 12lbs plus or minus it would generally be noticeable and marks could be deducted accordingly. Obviously this solution will by it's very nature allow a small percentage of dogs to get away with being over the limit but in general it would be affective with the flip side bonus of largely removing the health issues. In other words someone with a dog a few ounces over wouldn't be tempted to take stupid action to reduce the dogs weight thus a much better and healthier solution for those dogs. A dog a lot over 11lbs would take some very drastic measures to reduce it's weight and thus should be easily identifiable by the judge as being too thin for it's frame. We have known good people feeling intensely pressurised to restrict their dogs diets just to get them under weight, which for us means there is simply no decent justification ever for that or any rule that encourages it directly or indirectly. This weight limit like it or not, argue as much as you like does indirectly encourage it. We don't feel we need or want to weigh our dogs as we simply look to see that they are healthy and fit for original purpose regardless of weight. When our dogs are shown they are either within weight or not, either way they will still be shown as a fit for purpose healthy dog as that is our prime objective full stop. We will not at any time let weight get in the way of a good dog and or prevent us from entering it into a show even if it meant it would come last. Having said that despite our stance against weighting at shows we see no reason why the limit of 11lbs should not be kept, we'd just prefer a better way adopted to classify a miniature as a miniature for showing.

Poll of opinions

We felt it would be interesting to get a feel for how people really feel about this so have set up an online poll for you to take part in. The system takes a note of your IP address (you can not be personally identified with this method) and so you can't vote twice. It is not fool proof as are any other such systems so results should be taken as a general sway guide only.

Click here to vote in the to weight a Miniature Dachshund or not to weigh a Miniature Dachshund debate  Please CLICK HERE to VOTE and see current results



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